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The I Can't Eat "THAT" Club


The I Can't Eat "THAT" Club

is a club for children who are on food restricted diet and anyone who would like to support them and have FUN!

Club membership is FREE! 

  • Each local club will decide on it's own activities.
  • Most meetings should not have any cost involved.
  • Some club activities, like going to the movies (pay your own way)
  • Meetings are for Support, Friendship and FUN! 

Club Presidents:

  • Each club will be hosted by a volunteer PRESIDENT!
  • Presidents help organize club meetings, events and of course the FUN!
  • Club presidents help other member learn that: 

 "Fun is spelled F-U-N, not F-O-O-D!" -Max and Jake Renke


Club Presidents Wanted: Click here to nominate yourself for club President TODAY.

Ideas for School: Click here to find ideas or share yours with others.

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The I Can't Eat "THAT" Club

In our town:

1.        We have meetings, no food allowed, and just have fun! Sometimes we go bowling, to the movies, etc…

2.        We have a non-food prize box at our school for kids to get a treat when others bring in food treats.

3.        We wrote a letter to teachers reminding them that non-food treats are fun for “ALL” kids.

4.        We share ideas and support each other about staying on our own individual diets.

5.        We find ways to be involved in everything, regardless of our food restrictions. And More….

"In October 2000 we had our first “Candy-Free” Halloween Party. NO FOOD ALLOWED! But we didn’t miss it one bit. We learned that Halloween is not just about the Candy; much more goes into making it fun! I was a Robot, I Invented my costume myself. We played games and had many treats (non-food treats of course). We even decided that this was better because we were able to have the toys and stuff for more than just one night! Our 2nd Annual “Candy-Free” Halloween Party was a huge success as well. I was Inspector Gadget.  Remember I told you that I don’t let my food issues stop me from having fun? I hope you will not either"-Max


Club Presidents Wanted !

Click here to Nominate YOURSELF for club President TODAY!

        Club Presidents Wanted     

Ideas for School

Click here to find ideas or share yours with others!


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