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Max is currently attending The University of New Hampshire!



"We created this Website when we were both in elementary school. These ideas were ours, not our parents. We have learned that KIDS can make a difference! We encourage all kids and adults to learn to be positive and speak up for themselves and those who can't!" 

                                                                                                -Max Renke


Our motto has always been:

Fun is spelled: F-U-N, not F-O-O-D!




Max- age 7:

  •  Comes up with the idea for, The I Can't Eat "THAT" Club.

Max- age 8:

  • Designs this website (since updated many times) with help from Jake. Dad makes it a reality.

 Max age 10:

  • Attend 2 different wellness fairs representing: The I Can't Eat "THAT" Club to raise awareness of Celiac Disease.

Max age 10:

  • Working with the American Celiac Disease Task Force(Now American Celiac Disease Alliance), Max meets with New Hampshire State Legislators to educate them about Celiac Disease and the Food Labeling BILL.
  • NH Senator Judd Gregg

  • NH Senator John Sununu

  • NH Representative Charlie Bass

  • NH Representative Jeb Bradley

This is the cover of the booklet Max brought with him to help educate NH Reps.

Max and Senator Gregg


Max with NH Representative Charlie Bass


Max with Senator Sununu


Max age 11:

  • Invite to hear President Bush Speak in New Hampshire, two days after he signed the Food Labeling BILL into LAW! Max meet then Chief of Staff, Andrew Card Jr. Max gave him his business card for The I Can't Eat "THAT" Club and asked Mr. Card to thank the President for helping to save lives.

Max age 12:

  • Held a fundraiser for Celiac Disease, Grandfather Steve Moland ran the Boston Marathon for Celiac Disease, together they raised over $2,500 and handed out many flyers and stickers.

  • Walked in the Portland, Maine Celiac Disease Awareness walk with Grandmother Judith Moland.

Max age 13:

  • Met with Londonderry, NH School district Food Services to help create Gluten Free lunch program.

Max age 15:

  • Had coffee at the NH State House with NH Governor, John Lynch to educate him about Celiac Disease.


Max Renke (April 2009)

Hi, I’m Max.  Londonderry, New Hampshire. 

I am very active inside and outside of school.  Oh, and by the way, I have Celiac Disease . Being on a special diet and not being able to eat certain foods has not slowed me down or kept me from being involved in all types of fun things.

 When I was little and newly diagnosed I had the idea to start: The I Can't Eat "THAT" Club"

This club is NOT just for kids with Celiac Disease however. It is for any child in First Grade or above who must be on ANY TYPE OF SPECIAL DIET and for any other children who wants to help support us by understanding that we are just kids and we want to have fun, regardless of our food related issues. We want everyone to feel welcome! Other Elementary schools have started clubs of their own too.

I know the whole world is not going to stop eating Pizza because I cannot have Gluten (wheat), but people can become aware enough about our issues to help us to not feel so different when we go places. Learn not to say things that hurt our feelings or are just plain dumb or dangerous. There is also a great safety concern with well meaning people who do not understand that ONE “special treat” or slip up can be very dangerous. I am very interested in helping to raise awareness of food related issues.

My family and I have come up with many great ways to work with my issues, allowing me to be involved in many things and not miss out on the non-food part of everyday things. We believe that ATTITUDE has a lot to do with how hard things are for us on a day-to-day basis and especially at special event, such as Birthday parties and school functions that involve eating.

One example is the box that my club put in our principle’s office (full of non-food treats), for teachers to come to take for their students who have restricted diets when passing out food treats to the class. And a letter we sent to all the teachers in our school reminding them to think about non-food rewards from time to time. Food is everywhere, but does not need to be the center of attention all the time and I am hoping to help others understand this, regardless of whether they need to be on a special diet or not.

Sure, it is hard at times, but the alternative for me is being very very sick again. Too sick to even play sports, like the year I had to take off after my diagnosis(age 7).  I’m not going there again!  This is when I started to take Piano lessons. See, my ATTITUDE was, if I cannot play sports, what else could I do? Prior to diagnosis, the Gluten was destroying the part of my digestive system, which absorbs the nutrients from foods I was eating. I was eating bucket loads of food each day, yet I had complete malnutrition (I had zero villi left in my small intestines-complete villi atrophy-) and severe osteoporosis that my back was starting to deform slightly and the doctors were concerned that my bones would start to break (which they did). They were right, I broke each arm one year apart when I was in middle school.

If my mother had not have pushed the doctors for more testing, stating that she knew that my being so skinny  was not because of a fast metabolism, I would not be here today to write this letter.  So, now I stay on my special diet, I am feeling great and the doctors say I am very healthy.

I hope to help other kids start, The I Can’t Eat “THAT” Club in their town. I hope to share some of the things we have done in our club, at home and at school, to make things “safe” and easier for me and others to have fun and not miss out on life because of our food restrictions.  

I've worked with the American Celiac Task Force, The Celiac Disease Foundation, The Gluten Intolerance Group and others to help raise awareness of Celiac Disease. I hope all kids will learn to understand that KIDS can make a difference.

Look for my Eagle Scout Project on www.celiac.org in the near future. A "FREE" Download of the brochure I created will be there.








Hi, I’m MOM, . God has blessed me with two wonderful children to share with my wonderful husband and somehow I am getting the feeling that I will soon be sharing them with all of you who visit this website. I am happy to do just that. They truly want to help others while they help themselves overcome the burdens of their issues. They both make me very proud.

The last few years have been more of an education about children, behavior, nutrition, disabilities, society, friendship, love and strength than I could have ever imagined. My college education was a wonderful thing, but nothing compared to my life experience of being a parent to children with health problems. Of course my motivation to learn, research and put into practice what I have learned is on a much higher level because of my love for my children. I am a different person because of the pain and sadness my boys have suffered in their short lives. I am happy to say that they are learning to overcome the sadness and turn their pain into positive things that help themselves and others like them. Other than being Gluten Free, they are two typical teenagers and are thriving. I am proud of their willingness to help others learn about Celiac Disease.

Their attitudes towards life keeps me going, keeps me on track and motivates me to help them make their dreams come true. They are so positive! I really think that has been the key.

God’s hand is supporting me while I help my children attempt to help educate the world. Their dreams have become our family’s dreams too and we hope we can help, even in a small way to make the road of diagnosis and treatment of Celiac Disease a little easier for others.

Those who know me know I dream big. That is also what I am teaching Max and Jake to do. So how could I refuse to help them start a company(non-profit) to help raise awareness of the problems that they deal with in their lives? I couldn’t.

So begins: “THAT” Kids’ Company

Home to:

The I Can’t Eat “THAT” Club,

The GLUTEN Detectives,

I like Birthdays…. Children’s Book about SPD(Sensory Processing Disorder)


Here we go!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing the ride.



Laurie Renke



What can I say....? These people I live with can't help themselves but help others. I am very proud of my boys and hope other families will not have to endure what we did way back when. Cheaper Gluten Free food would be amazing...I am confident that in time, as more and more people are diagnosed (the numbers are huge) the costs will go down. Supply and Demand laws exist.

May 2010: I ran for TEAM GLUTEN FREE...see home page for Photo!





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