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Our Children's Book


SPD(Sensory Processing Disorder)

Our Children's Book:

"I Like Birthdays...It's the parties I'm not sure about!"

            Written by Laurie Renke                                                                                

    Illustrated by Jake and Max Renke


Purchase this book at Future Horizons Inc.


Or Amazon, Etc...


Have you seen the “new” children’s book about Birthdays?

Did you ever notice that balloons are loud when they pop?

DRead this book to find out why not!


Quotes on back cover of book:


“Every kid- with or without SPD- knows how overwhelming birthday parties can be. This great little book expresses those complex feelings with simplicity and clarity.” 

– Carol Kranowitz, M.A., 

Author of The Out-of-Sync Child and The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun.  


“Finally, a book for children, written from the child’s perspective, that describes what it is like living with a sensory processing disorder. It allows us to change places with the child. This book will help many children and adults alike to understand why events most people perceive as pleasurable, may be disastrous for someone living with SPD. I hope it will promote knowledge, compassion and understanding for those living with SPD.” 

Janet Stafford OTR/L 

 Owner of Kidzplay Therapy and Wellness Center and Theragifts Catalog.  


“I know many children, parents, teachers and therapists who will enjoy this book’s simple, direct and important message. The honesty which often accompanies Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can be felt on every page, encouraging us all to honor what we hear.” 

– Diana Henry, MS OTR/L, 

President of Henry OT Services Inc. and A-TEACH-ABOUT.

“I wrote these words down in my bedside notebook one night, somewhere around 3:00am. Later that morning I read what I had written to my two boys. Their responses were eye opening for us all. I thank God everyday for these words and the wisdom to listen to what they were telling my heart about my child.”- Laurie Renke, Author.

Here are their responses:

“That’s me mommy!”- Jake age 4

“Oh, that’s why Jake acts that way at parties!”- Max age 51/2



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